Creativity in Love


A Four-Month Program with Intimacy Teacher Madelyn Moon


Long-lasting, fruitful relationships are calling your name….

Lookie here, m'lady.

Every day you have a choice.

You either show up to the mat of your relationships or you tip-toe around it, only to recreate your deepest childhood woundings over and over again.

Relationships are our deepest (and most important) spiritual practice. Like arriving to a yoga mat for daily movement, every day we arrive to our relationships and either take a bow, respectfully greeting the practice with deep breath and glee or we turn on our heels and leave our partners mouth agape and flyin’ solo.

Relationships are where we clear ancestral karma.

Relationships are where we discover the Divine.

Relationships are where consciousness can honor consciousness and love can honor love.

It’s where we heal the deepest wounds in our hearts and reveal the most painful parts of our psyche.

Relationships are a breeding ground for poetic truths, undying yearnings and exquisite healing.

Creativity in Love is a place for you to practice revealing, feeling, embodying and displaying these parts of yourself.

Because the way I see it -- relationships are meant to be triggering. It's within the trigger that enlightenment occurs ... if you stick around long enough to see it through.

Regardless of whether or not you are currently in partnership, this program may be for you.

Join us as we venture into four-months of opening our bodies as instruments of the Divine, leading to more enchantment, deeper love, raw creativity, humor, play and depth.


Here ye, here ye!

Do you feel wildly titillated by the idea of embodying different archetypes, animals and characters for the sake of growing as a woman?

Do you desire to have a lifestyle where you wear your heart on your sleeve and retrain your body to be responsive to life?

Are you willing to take risks in your relationships for the sake of opening a moment?

Do you desire a lab to bounce ideas off of?

A place of support for embodying these parts of yourself that may feel new and unfamiliar?

Are you fully committed to doing practices you are assigned and can let yourself be led by the group for this four month period?•

Are you wanting to get back in touch with your creative self? (not for the sake of business or productivity — but for the sake of love)

Are you willing to protect your energy for the sake of this group, ensuring you attend each call (unless approved by Madelyn) as well as showing up for practice sessions or assigned homework?

Do you yearn to feel the darker parts of your heart — where the messy, dirty, deathly, merciless parts of you inhibit?

Good! Keep reading… 

What to expect....

  • Intimately learn the three stages of communication and how to effortless float between them depending on which one Mistress Love is asking you to embody.
  • Learn yogic intimacy practices, embodying both your Masculine and Feminine.
  • Discover tantric practices such as clearing sexual energy to make room for new potency and aliveness.
  • Uncover how to create art when you’re triggered in relationship, leading to more play, humor and sex in your love life.
  • Learn how to access parts of yourself you have long since neglected through art, improv, acting, sacred theater, monologues and mirroring.
  • Become more alive in every aspect of your feminine.
  • Wake up your wild range and become fearless in sharing her with the world!
  • Discover the unfelt feelings you have been refusing to embody your whole life — and have a safe space to let her free.
  • Learn how to both give and receive feedback in a way that’s clear and specific
  • Give sacred offerings in your relationships — learning how to be a divine messenger for Love Herself.

What others have to say...

"I'm feeling much more relaxed and playful around my partner, and he's been more attentive to my energy and emotional nuances. It's amazing how having this new awareness brought such a huge shift. Thank you Madelyn!"

- Anik G.

"Madelyn is, without a doubt, the best gift you can give to yourself."

- Devon E.

"Madelyn's archive of resources and practices seems infinite and she always knows what to pull out. At the same time, her communication always feels warm and nurturing."

- Ronja S.

The Structure

Eight (two-hour) calls throughout the duration of the program

Two one-hour office hour calls for you to get your relational questions answered (attendance optional)

1 delicious in-person weekend immersion (weekend TBD)

A Mighty Networks Group for staying in contact and sharing art, questions and revelations

WhatsApp group for sisterhood-level connection with other participants

Practices, homework assignments and partner assignments outside of the group meeting times.

Like me, you know there's a deeper level of love available...

I grew up very differently from the way I live my life today.

Raised in the south in a baptist church with daily psychological, spiritual and emotional abuse, as well as a constant stream of patriarchal purity culture, I didn't know relationships even could be safe. I especially didn't know that existing as a woman could be.

Therefore, I grew up with a closed-heart as a method of protection. I became a bodybuilder at the young age of 20 as a way to hide my femininity and build a physical armor around my sensitive heart.

I constantly switched between being an anxious attacher and an avoidant attacher... I was an emotional hot mess.

It wasn't until I discovered feminine and masculine energetics that my body started to sacredly unclench. My breath became deeper. My shoulders relaxed. My jaw loosened. My sexuality widened. My heart revealed herself.

It was only once my body realized she was safe that my emotions could follow.

If you're familiar with chakras -- you know that nothing can transform until you feel safety in the root. Once I created that physical safety, by grounding into my masculine consciousness and feminine energy, I could bring it to the world. Particularly through art and play!

If I could go from being a passive aggressive, sexually deprived, southern baptist obsessed with "being good" ... to a wildly open, sacredly slutty, intimacy coach, self-proclaimed comedian....anything can happen.

So...are you in?


When I saw your invitation to the program, I started to cry. My heart opened so much and so much came flowing through me, I knew that this was the next thing for me.

When I came across your work, it blew my mind, I never realized how truly deep art can go. I feel like this program will allow me to go to depths I can’t even fathom right now with my creative journey, my voice, communication, the list goes on, and will be a lifetime’s worth of continuous growth.

I believe art is the answer, creativity is the answer. I am so stoked to get fucking shaken UP and open my heart even more than I could imagine and to forever change my lens of everything through art.

- Brittany

Call Schedule

Tuesday, April 12 (Kick-off Call) : 11 AM - 1 PM PST

Monday, April 25 : 11 AM - 1 PM PST

Tuesday, May 10 : 11 AM - 1 PM PST

Office Hours Call (optional) - Tuesday, May 24 : 12 PM - 1 PM PST

Tuesday, June 7 : 11 AM - 1 PM PST

Tuesday, June 21 : 11 AM - 1 PM PST

Office Hours Call (optional) - Tuesday, June 28 : 12 PM - 1 PM PST

Tuesday, July 5 : 11 AM - 1 PM PST

Tuesday, July 19 : 11 AM - 1 PM PST

Tuesday, August 2 (Final Call) : 11 AM - 1 PM PST


In Person Gathering

The in-person intensive will be in either NYC or LA at a beautiful and intimate space. Location and dates TBD asap.

You will want to arrive at least one day prior to the event to settle in and leave no earlier than one day after we are complete.

Your tuition does not include flights, accommodations or food during the weekend immersion — there will be adequate meal breaks and local restaurant suggestions 

The way Madelyn demonstrates and embodies the "art" has completely opened up and shifted my experience of these teachings in a whole new way!


Are you comfortable with words such as ravishment, conscious cock, fuck, pussy, God and penetrate? If yes, keep reading…

This is an advanced practice group. As such, it’s important to know that this is not a group for initial trauma recovery or therapy-related processing. In order to go as deep as possible, everyone must have a solid foundation of their own internal boundaries…and then come ready to obliterate them.

All calls are mandatory. If you know you cannot make a call, you must have it pre-approved by Madelyn before the group begins.

It’s important to have emotional, physical and mental space for this program. There will be practices throughout the course that will require you to make noise and create sacred spaces. By applying, you are making the agreement that “I can’t make noise in my apartment!” will never be an excuse.

The two hour calls will be hosted via zoom. Cameras must be on, unless there is a short bathroom break or you are directed otherwise.

The tuition of the program is $7,500 🌹

*payment plans can be discussed after application is received*

Ready to create some art?

Change the way you communicate in relationships forever.

Learn how to *open* the moment with your energy.

Feel sovereign in your love life .... and in all of life.

Apply Now


If a tantrika made love to a comedian, you'd get Madelyn.

Madelyn Moon is the creator of the top-ranked US podcast, Mind Body Musings. She's an actor, a 1:1 coach, a writer and speaker.

She's also an ecstatic for love, a Bhakti practitioner and a regular ole gal who watches more 90 Day Fiancé than she wants you to know.

Peruse her often funny videos on artful relating on her Instagram HERE.